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My husband and I have been married for 16 years and since our dating days, we have been making things and doing projects together. Building decks, designing furniture, making music - whatever we could dream up. After a successful 15 year career in corporate marketing, I pursued my dream of becoming my own boss and using my creative talents to start a business. I took every Etsy course I could find and spent the past 3 years figuring out a consistent and proven method to sell on Etsy.

The shop name "Black Butterfly" comes from our very own experience of hardship. We experienced a difficult summer a few years ago and near the end of that experience, we saw a rare black butterfly in our yard. It kind of stuck with us. Then a few months later, without knowing about our little encounter in the yard, our best friend gave us two huge murals he made of black butterflies. They are now the first thing you see when you come inside our home. When we looked up the meaning of black butterfly, it symbolizes the end to a difficult season and the beginning of something new. This felt true for us..and so now we have Black Butterfly. 

We have two little girls - June & Maisy - that love to help out when they can!