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The black butterfly method to:

Make money on Etsy

Let me show you the easy-to-follow method to make money on Etsy.


Hey There!

I’m Judi. I’m here to help you make money on Etsy. I can show you the predictable, easy-to-follow method to get more sales on Etsy. You’ll learn the exact method I used to make over $50,000 in sales in the first six months of opening my shop and over $500,000 in 2 years.


Earn more than you thought possible

Etsy is a powerful marketplace that brings millions of shoppers together who are all looking for the same thing: quality, unique, handmade goods. There is no other platform available that brings so many handmade buyers and sellers together. If you know how to get your products discovered on Etsy, you can make consistent and substantial income.

I have helped other makers start their side hustle and turn it into their full time businesses. Makers just like you are supporting their families and living their dreams by crafting quality goods to sell on Etsy. You don’t have to be a genius, technology expert or have a social media following to be successful on Etsy. You can start getting sales today by following my three simple steps.




Setting up a healthy shop is the first priority. I will walk you through the most vital steps of setting up a healthy shop. Your customers will be able to find you and connect with your brand and Etsy will reward you for setting up your shop correctly.




This is where the magic happens. Most Etsy shops list a few products and sit back and wonder why they aren’t making any sales. I will help you get to the 1st page of search results so your customers can find your products easily. I’ll also help you create listings that STAND OUT against the competition.




When you show your customers you care, you get rewarded by Etsy. I will help you ensure your listings stay visible by paying attention to what matters most.



Once you are enrolled, you will gain access to a series of step-by-step videos that will show you exactly how to set up your shop, your listings and how to maintain your shop.

You’ll also receive bonus material to help you run your new successful Etsy shop including checklists, operational efficiency materials and shipping resources.

I also have 5 spots available for one-on-one coaching which includes phone calls and personalized help with your Etsy shop. This is great for current Etsy sellers who are ready to take their shop to the next level.


MARCH 2019

We thought having our own business was impossible, but after working with Judi, we now know this is something we can do! Judi gave us the practical steps to get sales on Etsy. We are now going full time with our business.

Ali & Josh Hunter, Colorado Springs, CO



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Personalized one-on-one coaching

I have 5 spots open for one-on-one coaching. You must apply to be considered for a spot. Kickoff pricing available until 6/15/2019.